What I’ve been up to

Sorry for the overdue absence, all.

The year and a half I’ve been out of school has been a busy and somewhat complicated one.  I’m living the early-20s dream: 

Working two jobs.

Living on my own.

Figuring out how to do all these real-life things no one ever tells you about. (Hint: make sure your apartment complex knows how to handle to cold. Thanks for the flood, polar vortex)

Essentially, I’ve been getting an 18-month crash course in life.  I’ve been playing Adulthood Wack-a-Mole: as soon as I mess one thing up and figure out how to fix it, another thing I didn’t know about pops up.

But alas!

After this last round of car/DMV trouble, I have a half-way handle on the “life” stuff.  Now, on to the “what I want to do with my life” stuff.

I’m still feeling out exactly how I want to do that, but I’m re-dedicated to the things I set out of school to do: telling others’ stories.  

Welcome back to the ride.

I’m Backkkkk

Sorry for the hiatus! My post-grad life has been a bit busy. I’m going to re-commit to this blog and catch you all up on what’s going on. What better time to start anew than summer?

See you soon!