Focus has always been a huge struggle for me. From my early ADHD days to college to my life, I have a hard time focusing long enough to follow things through.

Many misconstrue this as laziness, but actually, it’s quite the opposite.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to finish what I set out to do, but life gets in the way in the best ways possible. New opportunities arise.  New people come into my life.  New possibilities cloud my once-focused brain.

I believe that’s why I’m so drawn to journalism and story telling—no two days or projects are the same, and it lends itself to the flexibility I need to get the most out of every day (whether that is professionally, personally, or socially).

It was something I hated about myself for a long time, until I realized it wasn’t keeping me from doing anything.  I’m not a person with laser-focus. I have a broader perspective than that.  I go through phases and move on from them, taking what I learned with me.

This perspective helps round out the edges of my work and side projects. I come back to these projects with fresh eyes to make them better, more complete.

Here’s to my fellow focusless.

What I’ve been up to

Sorry for the overdue absence, all.

The year and a half I’ve been out of school has been a busy and somewhat complicated one.  I’m living the early-20s dream: 

Working two jobs.

Living on my own.

Figuring out how to do all these real-life things no one ever tells you about. (Hint: make sure your apartment complex knows how to handle to cold. Thanks for the flood, polar vortex)

Essentially, I’ve been getting an 18-month crash course in life.  I’ve been playing Adulthood Wack-a-Mole: as soon as I mess one thing up and figure out how to fix it, another thing I didn’t know about pops up.

But alas!

After this last round of car/DMV trouble, I have a half-way handle on the “life” stuff.  Now, on to the “what I want to do with my life” stuff.

I’m still feeling out exactly how I want to do that, but I’m re-dedicated to the things I set out of school to do: telling others’ stories.  

Welcome back to the ride.

I’m Backkkkk

Sorry for the hiatus! My post-grad life has been a bit busy. I’m going to re-commit to this blog and catch you all up on what’s going on. What better time to start anew than summer?

See you soon!